NMDIS's Mission

  • National Marine Data and Information Service (NMDIS) is a government funded public institution subordinates to the Ministry of Natural Resources of China, responsible for the management of national marine data and information resources, providing guidance and scientific stewardship for the national marine data and information; and providing information and technical support for marine economy, marine management, public service and marine environmental protection, and conducting related research.
  • Develop the national marine data and information strategy, standards and regulations, provide technical support for national marine information communication network and the planning and establishing of the marine information security system, and undertake project demonstration and assessment of marine information systems at all levels.
  • Responsible for national marine data collection, management, processing and distribution, and the construction and operation of the marine environmental and geographical information service platform, undertake quality control and evaluation of marine data and information products.
  • Responsible for the follow-up study and analysis of marine development trend domestic and abroad, undertake investigation and decision-making consultation for ocean strategies, policies, and significant issues, and provide technical support for drafting the national ocean strategy, planning, laws and regulations.
  • Acting as the China National Marine Archives and Library, provide marine archive and literature services, and give scientific and professional guidance to the implementation of marine archiving.
  • Provide operational supports for national marine economy and social development survey, statistics and accounting, draw up and release the leading indicator, index, and report of marine economic operation, and study the policy, approach, and method on promoting marine economy and industry development.
  • Undertake the operational support and data and information system building of marine ecological environment protection, sea area utilization management, island protection and exploration, and provide technical support for the implementation of national marine spatial planning.
  • Responsible for operational tide and tidal current forecast, sea level change prediction and evaluation, develop and release marine environment data re-analysis products, and issue theChina Sea Level BulletinandChina Marine Climatological Bulletin.
  • Operation of the marine environmental data and information support system.
  • On behalf of China, participate in activities of the international marine data and information exchange, undertake and fulfill relative international responsibilities, serving as the International Ocean Institute-China Regional Center for the Western Pacific Region (IOI-China Regional Center) and the WMO-IOC Centre for Marine-Meteorological and Oceanographic Climate Data, Tianjin, China (CMOC/China).

NMDIS's Leadership

Dr. SHI Suixiang: Director-General of NMDIS & Deputy Secretary of the NMDIS CPC Committee

Mr. XIANG Wenxi: Secretary of the NMDIS CPC Committee & Deputy Director-General of NMDIS

Mr. CUI Xiaojian: Deputy Director-General of NMDIS

Mr. LI Shuangjian: Deputy Director-General of NMDIS

Mr. SUN Hongyue: Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of NMDIS

Organizational Chart